A weekend getaway turns into a horrific nightmare when two couples engage in a perverse pumpkin slaughter, invoking vicious revenge when their other pumpkins retaliate.

Jack was written, shot and edited in 48 hours for the Bloodshots Film Festival, and won the Grand Jury Prize, the Audience Choice Award, Best Script and Best Death. Genre legend Dan O’Bannon (creator/writer of Alien and writer of Total Recall) judged the film a few weeks before his passing, praising the effective mix of comedy and horror. Jack subsequently screened at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival where it was praised by numerous press outlets including Exclaim! Magazine, CityTV News and The National Post; the world’s number one genre festival Sitges; imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival; Calgary Underground Film Festival; Weekend Of Fear; Mauvais Genre Festival; Fantastic Week; Moving Image Film Festival; Freakmacine; MotelX; Strange Tales; Sharpcuts Indie Film and Music Festival where it won the Jury Prize for best horror film; and Fantasia Film Festival where it won the Silver (second place) Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film. Jack was also included on a list of The Shorts Report’s most watchable Canadian short films of the year.

Jack is currently distributed by Shorts International, the primary distributor of short films for iTunes.